Google Adwords: What you need to know about these 5 big changes

Google Adwords: What you need to know about these 5 big changes

By In PPC/Paid Search On August 28, 2017

What the…? More Adwords changes?

If you want to know forward-thinking, think Google. These guys really know how to put cats in with pigeons. The thing we love about them is that, while they are a global company, they still do things their own way. We think it should be this way, so that’s what we’ll do.

Unapologetically self-serving.

Which is actually great news for us consumers. They have a brilliant test-and-measure approach which gives the user a better experience and is gradually edging out the spammers, the black hat operators and people with a rubbish website.

So, what has Google done with Adwords now?

And will it affect you?

Let’s take a look.

Local Search Ads to Appear on Google Maps

The numbers tell us that:

  • Nearly a third of all mobile searches constitute location searches.
  • These searches have grown 50% faster than overall mobile searches in the past year.

Basically, people are employing their mobile devices to search for and locate local businesses. If you are a local business; a plumber servicing a local area, a hairdresser, a store front or similar, then this matters to you.

The “next generation” of local search ads will appear within Google Maps. (Both desktop and mobile.) These ads will contain brand logos and offers which will be pinned directly onto the surface of the map instead of alongside it. This visual is great for consumers, and local businesses will benefit from this additional user-friendly graphic look.

Google are also working on promotion pins. So along with your logo pinned to your map location, you can also display any promos that you currently have running. Now that is useful stuff!

Your Adwords campaign won’t need to change a great deal, but you will need to make sure that you’re using location extensions – which Google likes anyway. More details on this click here.

Expanded text ads get more space

Back in February, Google shuffled their page around and removed the right side ads from their search results. Now Google has given their advertisers more characters – basically more space to say stuff. You will now enjoy two 30-character headlines as opposed to a single 25-character option. Google tells us that this has shown to increase CTR by as much as 25%! Again, great news for advertisers as well as users, who are clearly loving the additional information.

But wait, there’s more! 😉 Clearly bigger is better, as Google is also expanding the space in the description line to a single 80-character line. (Up from two 35-character lines.)

What does this mean to you? If you are using Google Adwords to promote your business, then you are going to enjoy a higher click-through rate as well as better qualified leads off these larger and more relevant ads. If you aren’t advertising with Google, these larger ads will push your organic ranking further down the page. Something to think about?

Enhanced measurement of in-store conversions.

Google Adwords: What you need to know about these 5 big changes

This is slightly creepy, but Google has been measuring in-store conversions for a little while now. Do you want to know how many people who click on your Adwords ads visit your store? Google can tell you that. They look at location history which tells them how many people ended up following your ad to your business. The more Google knows about your business, the more info they can give you.

Responsive Display Ads

If you’ve been battling to get the right ad size and format for the different display ad options, then Google can help. Soon you’ll just have to input a URL, a headline and description, pop an image in – and Google will size and format it for best effect. This means better quality display ads in less time.

Device bidding

At the moment, an advertiser sets a desktop bid (which included tablets) and a mobile bid as a multiplier on this base bid for their ads. (This is pretty higher-grade stuff and if you need a comprehensive nerd version click here.) Now, Google is allowing you to determine mobile bids, desktop bid, and tablet bids separately – or link them together.

In simple terms, this means that if you understand where your traffic is coming from then you can increase your bids on highly targeted areas, devices, days, times etc.

So the nutshell version of this all this Google-y stuff equals this: Mobile searches are exploding, and local searches are a big deal. That’s why we’ve created this short guide: to show you how to be really specific with great, measurable ads.

If you have been contemplating advertising on Google, you’ll agree that it can be a quite overwhelming. But the great thing is that you are in total control of your advertising budget – far more so than with any other form of advertising medium.

Why not give us a call if you’d like to dip your toe in Google’s pond of Adwords awesomeness. Let’s see how it can work for you.

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