Long-tail keywords: What are they & how do they capture the best leads?

Long-tail keywords: What are they & how do they capture the best leads?

By In Keyword Research On July 30, 2017

Long-tail keywords equal ready-to-buy customers.

Imagine this: You’re on a busy street and a stranger comes up to you. She asks, “Can you tell me where Long Street is?”

You will assume she wants to visit Long Street. Logical. Simple.

Ok, so imagine this lady says to you, “Can you tell me where the hardware shop is in Long Street?”

Yep, you guessed it. She doesn’t just want to go to Long Street. Her purpose is quite specific as she needs to purchase something particular from the hardware shop in Long Street.

In the digital space, this is what we call a long-tail keyword search.

It is a collection of 3 or more words which clarify the customer’s intent. Other examples are: “Self-catering accommodation Midlands July” or “7-seater family cars for sale Durban”.

If you have created an online presence for your business, you’re most likely there to attract customers. If you sell shoes, then logically you want to find as many people as possible who want to buy shoes and send them to your site. But, what if the person wants snow boots? Do you sell snow boots? If not, then that person who clicks on your advert (that you’re paying for) is wasting your money.

This where a more targeted search strategy comes in. And it’s quite exciting really – once you get it right.

Long-tail keywords are used by people who are far along in the buying cycle and looking for a specific item.

long-tail keywords = ready-to-buy customers -Mind Map Marketing

What do you reckon? Are these buyers more valuable to you than people who are just browsing? Absolutely! This client knows what they want and they have their credit card in their hand. You want these customers.

So here’s what you do.

Back at the shoe shop – which of your products are the fastest moving? Or the most lucrative to you? Perhaps black Tomy takkies are your biggest seller. That’s when you change your Google ad from ‘Greatest selection of shoes” to “Special offer on black Tomy takkies”.  This is a very simplistic principle of the work that goes into a good Google ad campaign, but you get the picture.

This also applies to the content on your site. If you are publishing weekly articles (which you should be doing to keep Google interested!) then your keyword research should be telling you which long-tail keywords will be bringing more qualified, ready-to-buy customers to bang on your virtual door.

Sound confusing? It’s really not.

Don’t have the time? That’s ok, we’ll do it for you. Fill in our online contact form and we’ll cut through the proverbial, and get you more customers.

That’s how easy it is to get more customers online.

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