Marketing Is Food – What Has Your Business Had For Dinner Lately?

Marketing Is Food – What Has Your Business Had For Dinner Lately?

By In Digital Strategy On August 16, 2017

What did you have for dinner last night?  Hmm, interesting (sounds yummy!) What did you have the day before? Think about it. What did you have on the 27th March 2012?

In all likelihood, you probably don’t remember, so what is the point of this unusual line of questioning?

It’s simply this. You don’t know what you ate, but you know that you did – in fact – eat something. Which means that your tummy was full, and you provided your body with the nutrients and energy that it needed for that day. Skipping meals, or not eating for any length of time leads to malnutrition, sluggish performance, and poor health.

Let’s apply this frightfully clever analogy to your business for a second. Sometimes, as small business owners, we spend so much time working in the business, that we don’t work on the business. Our marketing efforts may become sporadic, even non-existent at times. This malnourished business may hobble along for a while surviving on coffee and sheer willpower, but eventually, that flood of leads will become a trickle. The red eyes of this starving commercial entity are reflecting the red of your bank balance.

Fact: If your business relies on people buying a thing from you, then you need to keep on telling people about this thing.

Every day, in some small way, you need to be educating the public, and saying, “I’m here!”

Every day, you need to be marketing your business.

How can you stop your business from starving to death?

The easiest way to stay in contact with the public is on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A short post about a special offer or a new product will take you no time at all and will be the first trickle of nutrition that your company needs. But you don’t really want your business running on just rabbit food. Blogs add content and relevance to your website, and newsletter is a gentle reminder to your loyal customers that you are here, and have something they need.

Marketing Is Food - What Has Your Business Had For Dinner Lately?

A good, solid monthly marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost you your first born son ‘some change. But it will cost you something – in (your own) time, or in the “I think I’ll get someone in to do this” area.

Basically, your marketing efforts may not be prize-winning or viral, but you will be feeding your business a good healthy diet of leafy greens, proteins, and carbs.

Think about it.

If you’d like to consult with a digital chef to help you put together a well rounded meal plan for your business please do get in contact with us.

To read more about the ingredients we use visit our Services page.

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