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What Is Web Analytics?

Nicely defined on Wikipedia, web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for the purposes of understanding and optimising web usage.

By far the mostly widely used, Google Analytics uses tracking codes that we install into your webpages’ HTML code to connect your website to Google so that user data can be recorded. This user information is held in your analytics account and displayed as a variety of metrics including site visits, bounce rate, average time spent on site (session duration), geographic region, source of traffic and even the type of device used.

Your website isn’t the only place that you can use analytics though. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ all track and report on the way people interact with your social pages and profiles. Web analytics is an essential tool that must be used to track the performance of marketing campaigns.

How does Web Analytics benefit you?

web analytics - Mind Map Marketing

Establish A Baseline

Having an existing set of web analytics provides you with a baseline with which to compare campaign results to. If you know that your website is currently attracting 20 000 hits a month you can use that data to set realistic goals that exceed that number.

Without a baseline you would have to guess how effective your digital marketing efforts have been and that’s just not smart.

No, we always educate our clients on how crucial it is that they know where they’re coming from so that they can appreciate where they’ve got to. That way we have realistic expectations, we know how much and how long it is going to take to get to your goals.

web analytics - Mind Map Marketing

Gain Critical Insight

Analytics provide us with a record of our customers online behaviour. By reading the data we can determine what brought a person to your website, how many pages they visited and how long they spent there.

We also know which city the person was in while they were on your site, what time of day it was and which device they used to access it. Further to this, web analytics can tell us how many people landed on your site only to navigate off of it straight away. This metric is called the “bounce rate”.

An experienced marketer bases all his or her decisions on the insights gained from web analytics. Not doing so is merely taking shots in the dark and will surely lead to waste and disappointment.

web analytics - Mind Map Marketing

Adjust And Optimise Accordingly

Once you have a baseline and insight into the behaviour of your target market you can pause a campaign at a midpoint and use the data gained from your current analytics to squeeze out every bit of conversion potential possible.

Adjusting the layout or content on a landing page to suit a certain audience is the way this is done. If we can see that a Facebook ad promoting your product or service is getting a lot of social attention from people between the ages of 21-30 we can create content specifically targeted to this age group with the expectation that the new ad will get an even more positive response.

Test and measure marketing is essential if you want to maximise your campaigns because individuals are amazingly complex, but seldom for the same reasons.