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  • Google Certified Account Managers
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  • Get Your Products/Services In Front Of Interested Buyers
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  • Convert Strayed Interest (Re-marketing)
PPC Management Services using Google Adwords

PPC Management Services using Google Adwords

What is Pay Per Click Advertising (aka Search Engine Marketing)?

In the case of traditional paid media, an advertiser pays the owner of a media outlet (TV station, magazine, billboard etc.) for space on its platform, with the expectation that people will see your advertisement and take the desired action. Whether that is to buy, call, recommend or associate with the product or service.

Pay Per Click Advertising is no different. Search engines, social media & other platforms own ‘space’ on the internet that is visited by literally billions of people. As media owners they are willing to sell some of that space to advertisers for a fee, which is usually calculated based on how many times the advertisement was clicked on. Thus the name, “pay per click advertising”.

Our PPC Management Services focus primarily on Google Search & Display ads and Paid Social Media ads because these are generally the most effective platforms for South African businesses. However, the principles apply across all forms of Paid Search platforms so if we think we can get results for your company by using a different PPC channel we will most definitely do that.

More About Our PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services - So you don't have to

Why Pay For PPC Management Services?

Now, every paid search advertising platform provides an interface that allows anybody to sign up, create and manage their own PPC campaign. So why should you pay somebody to do it for you?

The answer is, you don’t have to. This can be done on your own and the companies that provide this service try very hard to make it as user friendly as possible. We always encourage people who want to learn about digital marketing for themselves to do so. Our Discover DM and Insights pages were created for that. So please use them if you would like to become your own marketer.

The thing that puts most people off is the time it takes to learn how each platform works, how to do keyword research, optimize advertisements, create landing pages that convert, and manage the campaigns so that you don’t waste money while you are learning.

Most of our clients don’t want to spend the time and money it takes to become as good as we are at PPC management, they’ve got their own responsibilities. That’s why we provide this service.

PPC Management Services using Google Adwords

Google Adwords & Your Business Adverts

You might’ve heard of Google’s Adwords platform before now but aren’t really sure how it works.

Adwords is essentially an auction house. Each time one of Google’s users types in a search, it runs through a database of bids to select relevant advertisements to display alongside other “organic” search results that it generated from its index of the internet. The advantage of doing this is that you don’t have to do all the work necessary to be chosen by Google’s algorithms as one of the most relevant results for their user’s query. The fact is, you might be the best solution to the searchers problem, but your website doesn’t match up to the heavy hitters in your industry who have spent a ton of money to get theirs to the top.

Our PPC Management Services levels the playing field by displaying your paid ads alongside the webpages of the industry giants on the search results pages. This results in traffic & sales now, not in a few months or years time once you’ve invested enough money into your online assets to rank organically and get the traffic for free. By spending a few thousand Rand a month you can get hundreds and hundreds of visitors to engage with your content, resulting in potentially dozens of sales for your business.

PPC managment services to get you on the front page of Google

Revealing Statistics About Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Total internet advertising spending is growing 16% per year. Mobile accounts for 11% of the total. (TechCrunch)
  • In PPC search ads, 86% of all ad impressions accrue to the top four spots. (ClickZ)
  • 61% of Chief Marketing Officers say search engines are an effective marketing channel. (Adweek)
  • Nearly half of digital marketing budgets are spent on search, with 31% on paid search and 18% on SEO. (MarketingProfs)
  • Mobile devices account for almost half of paid search clicks. (MarketingCharts)
  • 52% of people who click on PPC ads call the advertiser anyway. (Business2Community)
  • The top 3 paid ad spots get 41% of the clicks on the page. (WordStream)
  • About 50% of internet users can’t tell the difference between paid & organic search results. (WordStream)

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