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Social Media Is A Different Animal When You’re Not Just There For Funsies. As Your Social Media Consultant We Can:

  • Increase Traffic To Your Website
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Promote Positive Brand Association
  • Drive Sales
  • Stimulate Conversations About Your Business
  • Improve Communication With Your Audience
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social media marketing

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If you thought that social media was purely the domain of pouting selfies, images of nicely browned sweet potato chips, or “that *&%$ tailgating me down the N2”, then think again. A social media consultant working with your business – large and small – can change the business playing field completely.

If you’re reading this page, then you’re likely looking for the answer to this question:

How Do Businesses Use Social Media For Marketing?

Here’s the thing. Over 2 billion internet users have active social media accounts. They are online, and available to talk to – if you know how. Unpacking the (big) data that these platforms offer, gives us truly mind-blowing insights into the customer psyche. “Like what?” you may ask.

A professional online presence makes it easy for your customers to find, and interact, with you. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more off-putting than a business email address called Vomit. These are real people wanting to find and talk to real people. Social media makes it easy for them to do just that.

Who are your customers? What is their age? Do you know their gender? Where do they live? Where do they hang out? What are their other interests? How do they feel about your brand? You may be trending, but is that a good thing? (We’re looking at you Penny Sparrow – a luminous and unforgettable example of social media fails.)

Unpacking and analysing these social signals – both good and bad – is a job for a social media consultant. These (often cryptic) pointers assist businesses on the road to digital marketing success.

The data allows you to speak in the language of your demographic, to talk about what interests them, and to position yourself as an authority in their online world.

More About Social Media & Your Business

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Benefits Of Using A Social Media Consultant For Your Business

Social media gives small businesses the ability to target a highly specific audience without parting with all their cash. Focusing on a target group allows you to maximise your reach with very little outlay.  Seriously! You can reach 2000 people with R70.00 – depending on your product, obvs!

Talking of audience, the big guns have given us loads of useful options. For example, running a LinkedIn ad allows you to put yourself in front of a particular age, location, job title, or company – among others. Facebooks allows you to target people by interest, demographics, behaviours and so much more.

A good, well-managed social media presence boosts your web traffic. For real. Not only can we use social media to direct people to your awesome site, but the search engines also prick their ears up when they see social interest in your website.

You can spy on your competitors. Taking a gander at what your rivals are doing to get traffic, likes and shares may give you some ideas on improving your own strategy, or scare the pants off you.  Either way, we consider this motivational and positive.

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Why Use A Social Media Consultant?

Because you’re too busy. It’s one of those things that you would be amazing at if you had the time and inclination to learn and implement all the things, but you have a business to run.

A good social media consultant should be able to create a strategy around your needs, and execute it in your voice. Then, they need to come back to you and unpack what worked and what didn’t. The social media stage can be somewhat mercurial at times, so a data driven, test-and-measure approach is vital. You aren’t likely to get it 100% right first time. But you can work together with your consultant to highlight the good, unpack the not-so-good, and see what works best.

You will also want a nice mix of video, curated content, facts, news, sales info, special offers… whatever interests your audience. So get the specialists in to help you build relationships with your customers.

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Will Social Media Work For You?

Probably. And we say that because there are businesses out there that have been banging at the social media door for over a year. The results are contributing 3% to their website traffic, a meagre 10% growth in followers and no tangible benefits. It may be that they’re on the wrong platform. It may be that they’re doing it wrong. Or maybe they just need some help improving their social strategy.

Collecting an audience on social platforms doesn’t give you license to plug them with your products. No, this is where start a conversation. Perhaps offering some useful information or relevant news.

If you are providing shareable, clickable content with the view to benefiting your customer, then you are likely to succeed. But remember, social channels aren’t a means in themselves – but are a way of amplifying your marketing efforts to engage a wider audience. These are valuable insights that a qualified social media consultant can assist you with.

If you have the staff with the time and energy to work the social media circuit for you – that’s awesome. Let us show them how.

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