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Web Developer - Mind Map Marketing

Web Developer - Like Neo from The Matrix

What Do You Mean HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS & 404’s?

People don’t like to feel stupid. As a rule. However, when dipping a cautious toe into the churning waters of web development, it’s hard not to. If you are on the cusp of hiring a web developer to take your business to the next level, then you’ve probably asked yourself some searching questions.

So, before you sit down at the table with that slightly condescending ‘expert’ that your cousin recommended to you, why not take some notes and find out everything you need to know. Before hiring your web developer.

One of the biggies and an excellent place to start is to determine whether you need a web developer, a web designer, or a development agency.

Web Developer, Web Designer or Web Development Agency?

A web developer is the chap (or chapet) that does the coding. Think the Matrix, think “Neo”. He’ll create the architecture, write the code and dodge bullets along the way. He’ll whip up the functionality. And tie it all together with a gorgeous virtual bow.

A web designer, by definition,  is focused on the look, the feel, the user experience, and the flow of your site.

A web development agency does both. They focus on the complete package.

To illustrate; we once sat down with a lady who was furious that the web developer that she hired to build her site didn’t run a spell check, and her beautifully crafted site was riddled with embarrassing typos and grammatic faux pas. While that sucks, a lot, strictly speaking…that’s not his job.

So here’s the thing: If you are looking for a web developer, then you are trying to find the equivalent of a building contractor – a bricklayer.

Focusing On Web Development

Web Developer - Need more than a brick layer to build a house

When Would You Hire A Web Developer?

If you have an existing website that needs additional functionality, then hire a web developer. The same applies if you have in-house designers, writers and SEO experts. In that case, they will put their heads together and tell the developer – “Here, build this.”

If you have a requirement for a highly functional site which integrates with your accounting software, monitors CCTV footage, and sends you an email when your bar fridge is empty, then hire a developer.

If you have a genius idea that requires software and functionality that doesn’t already exist out there, then yep – you guessed it.

Functionality and architecture are the calling cards of a great web developer. And for a high-end, industry-beacon type website, that’s where you’ll go.

However, because you’re a smart business person, you have no doubt already picked up that there is far more to a functioning website than simply hiring a good brick layer.

Good Web Developers are scarce

Can Your Web Developer Do All This?

Unless you are planning on building another Facebook, there is a very good chance that you don’t need to look for the best brain on the planet. What you do need, however, is a great communicator.  Think about this; you don’t know much about websites, and they don’t know much about your business. Subsequently, the chances of creating something top-drawerish are as remote as the Mashco-Piro nomads of the Amazon.

A strategic plan, good, open communication, and a relationship of trust with clear boundaries is an absolute must.

Your first website will probably not be the best or final version. But knowing what you need versus what you want, will go a long way towards staying within your time and financial constraints. A good web developer will have an innate understanding of the online space and can help to differentiate between the nice-to-haves and the must-haves. And they won’t bully you into spending more that you want to on non-essentials.

Furthermore, a good website is more than good design… it’s good business. Your web developer should have a well-rounded understanding of the B2C and B2B arena. They should be able to leverage this in the creation of your project.

The design of your website is never something that can be ignored. And your web developer of choice should be able to offer design services – nobody wants a site that looks like an internal point of sale system.

Web Developer Checklist

Your Website Needs These Things

Just like a home is more than bricks and mortar, so your website is more than code. You need plaster and paint – perhaps a decorator to make it beautiful. You would need running water and electricity. You’d need a gate to enter, and bars to keep you secure.

Between Google – who’s a pretty hectic taskmaster – and the general public, your site will have to stand up to scrutiny on these elements:

  • Strategy – Why are you online, what problem do you solve?
  • Content & Copywriting – Are you communicating your proposition well? Does your site make sense? Is it relevant and authoritative? Is it accurate?
  • Design – Is your site well-crafted and great to look at? Have you used beautiful, relevant images and video? Does it communicate your business brand well?
  • User experience – Is your site easy to navigate? Does it load quickly, and is it mobile responsive?
  • Functionality – Does it work? Can users get what they need from it?
  • SEO – Can your website be found? As we always say, nobody stumbles onto Google’s front page, you need a VIP pass!
  • Business – Can your customers contact you easily? Is your site secure?

The Low Down

Simply being present in the digital space doesn’t automatically make a successful business. Your website is a tool which, like any area of business, needs time and money spent on it. Good copywriting, great design, ongoing marketing and SEO are all key quivers in the bow of a successful business.

So, do you need a web developer? Or do you need a Development Agency?

Psst. Our Web Developers Do More Than Lay Bricks