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Website Designers That Get Results

If you’re thinking about jumping aboard the digital train then you’re probably thinking about a website. You’re considering chatting to a website designer about layout, colours, and fonts. How will your logo look on mobile? Exciting stuff!

It’s at this point that you need to stop and ask yourself, “What’s the point?”

Not in a dramatic, teenager sort of way, accompanied by eye-rolling and a dejected shrug. But in more of an analytical way.

You see, your website is a little like your mother. An ardent fan of yours, says a lot about you and speaks for you when you’re not around.

Which can be a great thing…depending on your mother.

Let’s clarify something though.

Is website design the same as website development?

Indeed no.

A website designer incorporates fonts, colours and images into a defined style. The process includes the layout and structure of the website, the user flow, and the placement of various features.

Web development, however, relates to the building of this site. The coding, the architecture, and the functionality.

But back to the matter at hand.

Asking yourself what the point of your website is – before you get involved with the whole colours and fonts malarkey – will put you on the right path.

For example, is your website a brochure site, designed to highlight your products or services, and perhaps a nice place for people to land if they see your business card. Or, is your website going to generate leads? Perhaps you need an online shop. Or are you in the digital space to communicate and share information, thoughts, and feelings?

Whatever the point, you need to bear this in mind when you consider the design of your website, and you need to know what results you want from your investment.

Good web design

A Website Designer Vs A Tour Guide

Our friends over at Kissmetrics define your website as a tour guide. A great analogy, don’t you think?

If the purpose of your website is to present your product or service to your online audience, then you want this virtual tour guide to know their stuff. They need to tell your story quickly and concisely, point to the important bits, and offer a solution to the customer. And you don’t want them to do any of this in a furry hat, a hoodie,  and a fake Australian accent!

Your branding is your company personality. If it was a person, that’s what it would look like. And it stands to reason that this should dominate your website design, and speak the language that your customers expect.

A good deal of research has been done by some very clever people relating to the psychology of colours, images and text styles – and we should listen to them. Yes, your website should be beautiful. But it should firstly, be functional and influence the right consumers in the right way.

A well-designed website will be easy to navigate, not jar the senses, and communicate your message clearly.

user experience and flow

User Experience, Layout, and Flow

So many business owners dive into the exciting pond of design with the sole purpose of not looking like everyone else. They want unique, special, different, memorable. “I want to stand out online!”

While our research has thrown up a variety of numbers, it looks like we are knocking on the door of just over 1 billion websites at the moment.

That’s so, so many. And it also means that the chances of you (or us) designing a website that’s never been seen before are as remote as your better half putting the toothpaste lid on.

But that’s okay. The point here is that people get used to seeing things in the same place, and following certain internationally accepted standards on a web page. Confuse your audience and they’ll scarper like a stabbed rat. So, let your website designer call the page “Contact Us”, and not “Enter the Rabbit Hole.”

While we’re beating the user experience drum, consider the “Why”. Why did that user land on your page, and what do they hope to achieve? The flow and overall experience of your site should be designed around the purpose of your site. For example, if you want to sell a widget, then they need to see what the widget looks like, what it does, and be able to buy it very easily. Click, click – done. More than two clicks and you’re on dangerous ground.

web design that converts

Web content that converts

If you’ve visited a couple of websites in your life you will definitely have experienced boring, pointless content. It sucks – a lot.

Again, looking at the point of this whole procedure, what is it vitally important to tell your customers? What do they need to know in order to do the thing that you want them to do?

If you close this window now and go back to your football, please take away this one thing.

Your customers don’t care about you.

So you’re a 3rd generation electrician? Started in Grandfather’s garage in 1947?  You’ve just moved offices? You’ve hired a new receptionist? Don’t care!

What they care about is finding the information that they need and then going to meet Mary for lunch.

But what about Google, you may ask? Surely I need more content? Indeed you do, However, your web content should consist of information (for those asking what is, and how to), tactical information (the practical application of your product or service), and then conversion information (how long,  how wide, what colour, how much). A great website designer will find this balance and execute it, perfectly.

Good Website Design Means More Engagement & More Sales